Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dogs Are Cool

Lately I have been spending the majority of my time with dogs.
I find their personalities easy to be around...they stick to the basics in life, and they do not know how to act phony, unlike us HUMANS.
Do I sound bitter?
Maybe. It's just that life is just too friggin short to "try" and figure out what is on any humans mind.
If you don't like something. Growl already.
Something pleases you. Wag your tail.
It's simple really.
So why do HUMANS have to make things so complicated?
And dogs do not require a whole lot of maintenance. Feed regularly, an occasional scratch behind the ears, maybe a bath or a good brushing once in awhile. Yearly check ups, oh and timely visits outside to go poop. If you choose to throw in a few extra doses of love and respect...you will have the type of friend that you could only hope to be.
Yea, dogs are cool.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Like Sampling

Yesterday was THE BEST DAY EVER for samples!!! I know it might seem silly, but a good freebie can truly brighten my day. There actually is an art to sampling if you think about it.
If I want company on my excursions to Costco, all I have to do to entice someone is to remind them about ALL THE SAMPLES there.
Timing is everything, if you go too late in the work day, the nice cart people are winding things down and ready to hit the road, irgo zero to no samples. If you go on a Saturday or Sunday, you have to fight the shopping carts and other samplers and frankly it just isn't worth it.
So Rule One is:
*timing is everything
Usually the people cooking and handing out the samples are very sweet so you "should" allow them to give their little spiel about the product, mumble something asking where is it located...blah blah blah, maybe even grab the product (if you are a insecure sampler or perhaps have actually taken seconds) then stash it on another aisle.
Rule Two:
*be polite, even if it gags you, smile and move on. After all they did not invent the product.
Rule Three:
*keep it quick...
smile, grab and go.

Let's get back to WHY yesterday was so awesome for sampling.
I did not go to Costco.
I went to a fancy organic grocery store. A person on a limited budget could almost get a complete, tasty meal at one of these stores!
Saturday and Sundays are usually THE ONLY days that these type of stores will put out samples. Of course they are hoping to entice the more upscale shopper, but heck, who needs to know if you are actually buying or not? A good day of sampling will lift anyones spirits, especially if you are on a BUDGET.
The best part about these stores is that they do not expect to banter back and forth with you so the sampling experience can be one of quiet joy.
I went to TWO stores yesterday....
Store One I enjoyed *Organic Potato & Garlic Soup with fresh bread. (there were 4 different types of bread to choose from!) WITH whipped Irish Butter, I also had Chocolate/Cherry Bread Pudding, (warmed up of course) and a piece of Organic Cinnamon Swirly Bread.
Oh and a small little cuppa joe (organic of course)
Store Two
I had PIZZA.
And it was good. I tried to snatch one for my boyfriend who was off shopping in a different store...which brings me to:
Rule Four:
Do not hesitate! Granted one must not appear to be greedy, but if there is no one around...JUST DO IT! If you DO grab two and someone is watching...be prepared for the evil eye, in which case quickly escape down another aisle.
Happy Sampling!