Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Automotive Philosopher

"You do not need to be sick to get better."

Now I think that sounds very "profound". Especially since I saw it all bold and out there written in funky black all capitol letters. You know, the boards that automotive places use to advertise their specials. Churches are also known to put "profound" messages for all to see utilizing the same funky black all capitol letters. I think the signs in front of the automotive places probably get read more. The words may be similar, however they just seem less judgmental located in front of a building that has broken down cars versus a "come in my brethren" pristine building.

So how DO those mechanics get to be so wise and articulate? Maybe it's because as a rule they are much deeper philosophically than outward appearances?? Hmmm working on a car WOULD give a person ample time to ponder the deeper questions of the universe. And cars do not jibber jabber back at you which allows for a quieter meditative atmosphere.

Maybe I should learn how to work on a car so I can find the answer?

In the meantime next time you drive by one of those automotive repair places take the time to READ their message.

You just might learn something.

**Just read a new one that I could identify with:
"Procrastinate now~don't put it off!"

here's another one: (same mechanic, different day)
"Never rationalize anything that feels wrong"

can you believe it? 11/22/09 this one is from the same mechanic!:
"Never surrender your dreams to noisy negatives."

13 February 2011
I had to add a couple more philosophical musings to this blog! 

"You don't just deal with adversity you use it to propel you forward."

"I hate the moment in an argument when I realize I am wrong."

Our personal mechanic Jake may not offer to the universe wise words of wisdom (at least not on a public board that I know of) however, we are most grateful that he and his team are the best with our vehicles ailments. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Station Five... continued

So I wrote about my "trauma" as a child at Station Five. Remember the summer swim lessons? The angst of not going on to Station Six or Seven?

Sometimes my body feels like I am the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz with no frickin oil! So, my daughter, knowing the benefits of a water workout, has bought me 20 visits to the neighborhood pool. That's right, they call it lap swim. Oh joy.

After careful consideration I figured what do I have to lose except the muffin top? I was older. I was wiser. And I KNEW I could do the lap thing AND keep my face out of the water if I wanted to. It's called a backstroke. So I agreed and embarked on overcoming the Station Five mentality that has haunted me for so long.

First morning I get into the SLOW lane with an elderly lady and another woman. I thought that it would be a "safe" lane to "test the waters" with to gauge my fitness level and ability. Technically one is supposed to swim on the right, sort of like driving a car, and go in a circle. I lowered myself into the water and started doing a little make-shift side stroke (with my head above the water of course) allowing enough space behind the elderly woman, or so I thought. Before I knew it, she had zoomed to one end of the pool and was heading back... right at me...on my side! She could not see me as she was doing the backstroke, MY stroke! I quickly did an about face and paddled back to the edge of the pool. Perhaps I would wait until she was done...and my ego had recuperated. Nothing like someone 20 years older (or more!)almost running me over in the slow lane to have a reality check! To make matters worse when I left the pool, I was still in a dither from my ineptness and lack of fitness that I went to use the toilet and automatically put down the protective seat cover paper.
Not good.
Especially when one is still totally wet from being in the pool.

I guess I am going to have to work extra hard to break free from Station Number Five.