Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Brothers

The air is getting colder, the leaves are flying about which means reflections, memories and moments are what is left of summer. The leaves whisk by the corner where The Brothers played, and I smile.
Cory and Jon are brothers, they are musicians, and they brightened my summer with their music and their spirit. If you were lucky enough to be on the corner of Milwaukie and Bybee when they were playing then you know what I am talking about. Street musicians are most always a treat, but when you add creativeness to the formula it becomes magical. Jon (age 11) played the accordion, brother Cory (age 14) played the guitar.
The world can be a negative place at times. Music can soothe a troubled soul especially when it is heartfelt AND well played. We had just emerged from seeing Fahrenheit 911 at the local theater. Looking around at the viewers who had watched the movie the sense of "what's it all about" was heavy in the air as we all shuffled out.
Then we heard the boys.
Their open guitar case did well that evening as most of the moviegoers found themselves drawn to the boys and their music.
I was fortunate enough to have them bless my soul with a few other performances before summer came to an end. I might add I was impressed with the young entrepreneurs and their ability to work together. Many of their songs were original compositions, and both had specific ideas on how their summer fund raising would benefit their music. Jon was able to upgrade his accordion and Cory was working on building a custom electric guitar for himself.
I guess mowing lawns, or delivering papers aren't the only ways for creative youth to earn some summer cash.
Thank you Cory and Jon.
My spirit will smile whenever I hear Hava Nagela.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Haircut

Getting your hair cut is usually a most pleasant experience where the customer not only gets a new or improved look, but they also have a chance to get “free” chair therapy. Both the hair stylist as well as the customer realize that no one is going anywhere for a while, which means that usually the customer, when asked how they are doing, will get the chance to really let the hair stylist know what’s going on in their life. Profound conversations, intimate details and all sorts of things are shared during a haircut.

This CAN backfire!!

If during the course of the conversation things somehow get turned around and the topic switches its focus to the hairstylist’s personal experiences...then be wary. Cheating mates, dysfunctional childhoods,IRS problems to name a few, are NOT subjects you want the person who is holding the scissors with to be yakking about!

Not too long ago I was trying to be a caring customer when that very situation happened to me. Somehow the conversation got switched around to the hairstylist’s disgruntled relationship with her mom. Unfortunately as she was walking down memory lane her snip snip here, snip sip there became more intense with every recollected detail. The bald spot above my right ear was enough to get me to try and change the subject.

I am grateful for hats.