Wednesday, November 25, 2009

THANKS-GIVING Two Wonderful Words

I am going to try an old standby that teachers use when they need to have their young students do a language assignment around the holidays. They tell their students to write a "poem" beginning with the first letter of the word (this would be Thanks-giving in my case).
Luckily I will NOT be grading myself on this little exercise.

T his is my favorite time of year when leaves whirl, swirl and blow crazily about creating the best kind of messiness.
H ow can I show my gratitude?
A m I living my life to it's fullest potential?
N uts remind me of the fall season.
K ites also remind me of this time of year, and Kindness, (which we could use more of).
S hucks, this is more difficult than I thought...glad I am not grading myself, at least I would remember to be kind.

G reat ideas become truly magnificent when allowed to emerge and take flight.
I hope that by this time next year I am not fiddling around with a word game such as this and am being magnificent with my dreams.
V is an interesting letter, I personally love the letter Z however I have a "V" here which reminds me of Voting and how grateful I am that the people of our country voted the way they did the last Presidential election. YES WE CAN.
I nteresting the way my thoughts have bounced around here, I hope to stay committed and involved in doing what I can to help this be a better world.
N o more excuses...(that's from Wayne Dyer's latest book)
G ive...may I do that more, for it is in Giving that we truly receive.

God bless us everyone.
Happy ThanksGiving.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Trail of Ant Tears

So what am I supposed to do? It is November and these itty bitty little black ants have decided to invade my kitchen space.
I do not like to kill.
However, I also do not like four legged insects cruising all around my cooking/eating space.
These little guys aren't taking any food, but they are in my dishwasher, on the counter, marching on and on and on to some undisclosed location.
And some of them are not making it home because I am killing them.
I had hoped that they would figure out that some of them were not making it back to wherever they were headed to, and then perhaps put out an alarm to each other with a warning to STAY OFF OF THIS LADIES COUNTER AND OUT OF HER DISHWASHER.
It hasn't happened yet.
I am calling it the "Trail of Tears" because like I mentioned before I do not like to kill anything and I am just smooshing them and then rinsing them off down into the drain. I also confess that I have windexed them. They are much too small to try and relocate to an outside destination (something that I did try and do during the summer months).
I have no idea if they scream in agony, or if they travel in fact, as a child one of my favorite stories of all times was called "The City Under the Back Steps" and it was about, you guessed it...Ants.
Maybe I should go to confession or something like that as I obviously feel bad about this situation. I have asked my guides/angels to PLEASE make them stay away as this is really starting to depress me.
My Trail of Ant Tears.