Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Haircut

Getting your hair cut is usually a most pleasant experience where the customer not only gets a new or improved look, but they also have a chance to get “free” chair therapy. Both the hair stylist as well as the customer realize that no one is going anywhere for a while, which means that usually the customer, when asked how they are doing, will get the chance to really let the hair stylist know what’s going on in their life. Profound conversations, intimate details and all sorts of things are shared during a haircut.

This CAN backfire!!

If during the course of the conversation things somehow get turned around and the topic switches its focus to the hairstylist’s personal experiences...then be wary. Cheating mates, dysfunctional childhoods,IRS problems to name a few, are NOT subjects you want the person who is holding the scissors with to be yakking about!

Not too long ago I was trying to be a caring customer when that very situation happened to me. Somehow the conversation got switched around to the hairstylist’s disgruntled relationship with her mom. Unfortunately as she was walking down memory lane her snip snip here, snip sip there became more intense with every recollected detail. The bald spot above my right ear was enough to get me to try and change the subject.

I am grateful for hats.

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