Thursday, July 14, 2005

Store Music

Store Music. It is meant to be in the background. You know that "noise" that large stores play to help the shopper get in a zombie state of mind to spend more money? I believe they call it elevator music although usually one can be zapped by it even when they are not in an elevator. I usually rate the stores on a scale of one to ten on how quickly the music is able to work its way into my brain to begin its damage. If by chance I find myself humming one of the tunes that are being played I ask my support network (whomever I am shopping with) to please remove me from the premises as quickly as possible before permanent damage is done. If I find myself HAVING to shop in a store that is noted for their worm into your brain music, I try to protect myself when entering the premises with my own inner tune. If the store in question is particulary bad, a set of headphones is my main artillary for protection. If it is TRULY mind altering, then I break out my kazoo, which results in the removal of my person from the premises, which is insurance that my brain will be protected.
Once in a blue moon a place of business might actually play music condusive to the task at hand. Mariachi music fills the aisles of one grocery store chain here in the southwest. I find myself doing a polka shuffle with the shopping cart. Nice.

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