Saturday, July 19, 2008

Little Pieces

Little Pieces.
You find them in random places, at random times, and wonder...what does this thing go with?? If anything at all?
It is alone.
It might be a button, that was once a part of a totally cool blouse ensemble. Or perhaps it is a unique looking cap thing that appears to screw onto something, but that couldn't possibly work on anything other than the original something it was meant to be a part of.
Now do you get what I mean?
So what does a person DO with these random little piece of somethings that FOR sure belong somewhere but you just don't know where?
Hey that's what the "junk drawer" was specifically designed for right? An old Christmas tin that originally held fruit cake from your great aunt in Florida can hold little doodlidoos. The main thing is NOT to get rid of it. EVER. Because once an object is deemed useless, (and this happens when a person does not know what the purpose is of said object, then we tend to want to pass it on, throw it away. When that moment arrives that you DO decide to pass it on, guaranteed, (and this will happen in a time frame when you will REMEMBER that you got rid of the little piece).
The "Little Piece" mystery of where it belonged will be solved.
You will be moving things around in the attic and see that the decorative screw thingy that holds the shade on to your one of a kind retro missing.
Regrettably, you will know that it was YOU who tossed the piece.
A lesson learned.
Save the little pieces.
A button or a small chunk of decorative wood all belong somewhere. Perhaps the little piece will not make it back to it's original home...but it COULD find a new place, substituting for some other misplaced piece, doing it's part in the big scheme of things to bring balance and beauty to the world.

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