Friday, October 16, 2009


Are they even called that anymore? I know they exist...I go in one every time I need an RX filled, and the amazement I feel each time I walk through the doors never ceases. Amazement that a person can find just about anything they could EVER need/want/dream of IN ONE STORE.
And for only $9.99!
Looking to add a bit of zen-like feng shui to your environment? Buy a fountain for only $9.99. Add $2 bucks to that price and it will emit mood fog and play Gregorian chants by the chipmunks as well.
Need something new to wear? You can purchase five t-shirts (different colors!) for only $9.99.
Want a souvenir from someplace? The travel isle offers shot glasses, spoons and key chains. They even offer from neighboring states or countries, just in case you forgot to pick something up during your wordly travels.
How about FOOD? Candy, chips, soda, milk, hard boiled eggs, Jimmy Dean sausages are plentiful, did I mention candy?? Unfortunately dark chocolates usually cannot be located in a drugstore.
Want to beautify yourself? One stop shopping in that department. Pick up a magazine, and read all about it, then tootle over to the make-up department and wah-lah instantaneous beautification can be yours.
And smell good...the drugstore has you covered there, from deodorant to fancy perfumes/aftershaves and colognes. And only $9.99 each!!

Suffice to say that drugstores are not given the kudos they deserve.

Brings to mind the lyrics from a song from the sixties called "DOWNTOWN" by Petula Clark. "When your alone and life is making you lonely, You can always go Downtown. When you've got worries..."

You can always Walgreens.

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