Saturday, December 04, 2010

A Few Unmentionable Thoughts

I just can't let this muse go.
The situation in my drawer was pathetic.
Yes, it was time to venture to the land of retail and purchase a bra (or two).  Was I nuts?  The mall which was the ONE place that I would find the particular brand that I like was my destination.  Santa and a kazillion other shoppers would be there but as mentioned before the situation had become dire.
Loaded with good intentions and reminding myself that nothing would "disturb my calm"  (a saying I  happily adopted from a character (Jayne) in favorite sci-fi show of ours Firefly).  I ventured onward. So far, so good, as it was still early in the day. There was a Choir of sweet cherubs singing and the crazy crowds had not left their native habitats yet.
I  checked on a few Christmas gifts, picked up tights for my granddaughter and was feeling very empowered by the whole experience, even wishing a fellow shopper a "Happy Holiday".
Then it was time for the dressing room.
Tell me what are the odds of getting the SAME salesperson when I have only been into this store one other time this year??  I should wish for such odds and play the lottery that's all I have to say about that.  So I KNOW what style I like, and let's face it ladies bras are an EXTREMELY unique item to purchase.  The wrong fit could leave one black and blue, or worse make ones breasts look like torpedoes or a cantaloupe...(you get the idea) therefore STYLE, PROPER FIT and of course $$ are all important items to take into account.
I researched the brand I usually get and decided to actually try on a different STYLE.
Open the floodgates of retail opportunity for my salesperson!  She now held me captive in a dressing room with "other" STYLES that would most surely not only fit well but help me to feel super sexy.  
Seriously how many people see you in a bra??  O.K. Maybe that is too personal of a question.  So I realize it is time to make a decision and get the heck out of the room when she hands over not one but two different style of "very beautiful" bras that cost $125... EACH!!
Now I am used to spending a bit more for my bras, much more than most women I would guess, but seriously $125?!  For that amount one would think that it not only offers support and sexiness but also massage, skin conditioning and an overall euphoric experience for my breasts.
I passed them by.
Guess good old practicality and plain jane-ness won out.  My breasts might not be having the ultimate bra experience but I bet I can find some other fun way to spend the $ I saved.

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Yaya' s Home said...

Are you serious? Someone actually charges $125 for a BRA?!? I'm obviously doin' somethin' wrong 'cause I shop in the $12 to $13 range. Wish I had been the creator of that more expensive bra. Maybe I'd be rich, now.

~ Yaya