Sunday, September 04, 2011

Not So Different...

The Seedy Cafe is open seven days a week. The feathered, furry customers come EARLY each morning ready for their breakfast of peanut butter suet cakes, seeds, peanuts, fresh water and sometimes an apple or two. The cafe is hopping (no pun intended) for the whole day. As evening approaches the feathered customers like to perch and generally hang out in the branches before heading home to their respective nests. They aren't eating (because they have been at it ALL DAY), but seem to enjoy the quiet comradery of just chilling on the branches. It reminds me of going to a favorite coffee house where they don't shoo you and your computer away once your cup of joe is gone.
Evening arrives, and the night inhabitants emerge.
The rat holes that lead under the cottage that had been filled in during the day get re-opened. Owls work the evening-all night shift as they realize that their most scrumptious meals are on that same nocturnal schedule. Morning comes, the day customers show up and the cycle begins again.
Except on Sunday.
The squirrels especially like to sleep in, sometimes taking the whole day off.
If you have ever worked an evening shift you will notice that there is a whole different society out there that does what they need to do while some of us are sleeping. And vice-versa.
Once again I am reminded of how we (feathered, furry, human and plants) are all really
not so different....


Hema P. said...

You had me with the beginning, Laura! I had a very different understanding of what "seedy" meant until I read some more :).

Isn't it a blessing to be able to observe nature at such close range? Lovely post!

Susan Fields said...

I'm with the squirrels - I love sleeping in on Sunday. :)