Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Skyler Seagull Hatches An App!

Finally!  It feels good to  participate in a creative project as it moves through the stages of idea-plan-research-write-edit-write some more-edit again and then mesh it with the other components of the project until wah-la!  It is finis!!  As a confirmed procrastinator it was the best thing in the world for me to have others depending on me to produce (on time) my stake in the project. 
And we are all pretty proud of it as well!  Here is the Press Release that I am using as we begin the process of Getting the Word Out.

Astoria! Sights to see with Skyler Seagull
Enjoying the sights of Astoria, Oregon will be a breeze with this application for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, iOS 3.2 +.  With Skyler as your audio guide,detailed descriptions of the interesting sights and museums in the area are at your fingertips.  Professional pictures and descriptions of the attractions are only the beginning!  A Google map, addresses, hours of operation and other pertinent information are all available just to name a few.  A share feature is provided,making it simple to Tweet, Facebook or email your friends about the great time you are having!  The star feature allows you to highlight you favorite attractions.
Priced at only $1.99 it's a fun and convenient way to experience Astoria!
Remember to keep the wind under your wings!

Available now for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, iOS 3.2+ on the App Store

So there you have it!  Check out the website even if you do not have one of the Apple products to download it onto.  I feel as if I have been stuck in the mud, or on ice, or in the sand...just spinning my wheels, wanting to get going but to no avail.  Well this mirliton likes the zoom zoom feeling of a completed project and I do not plan on getting stuck again (at least not for awhile!)

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Sharon K. Mayhew said...

This is so cool! I know someone who developed their own App. :)