Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Parking Lots

Last week I spent my days working at the LPGA Tour, parking cars. (that's short for Ladies Professional Golf Association) It seems like a simple enough job to do, however in between all the drama that goes on with parking cars...I had ample time to ponder.

There were ALOT of "volunteers" running around doing the many things that were necessary to orchestrating an event of this magnitude. My part was to help park cars. It's funny how depending on what lot I got stationed at, it either seemed to be a "step up" or "down".
Let me give an example. I started out in THE GRASSY LOT finding spots for folks and just picking up the overflow from THE PAVED AREA. Things slowed down so I was asked to go across the street to THE DIRT LOT. There were already two volunteers managing that parking area which had absolutely no activity whatsoever, so you can guess how I felt...I had been demoted. Things were looking up when I was asked to cross back across the street to be in THE PAVED LOT moving cones for all of the VIP's.

Several days and parking lots later found me with a semi-permanent spot overlooking THE GRASSY LOT. Sort of reminded me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. That particular spot was "just right" for me. I had a RADIO, I made decisions, I got to interact with both the VIPS and all of the other people who helped to put on the tour...

It was good.

Until the fourth day, when we had to divide THE GRASSY LOT. VIPS to the right, all of the rest of the world to the left...handicap spots also. Keep in mind this was a large field that I was told used to have tomatoes in it?? (at least that's what I told people who made comments of it being a cow pasture) The hill was very steep to drive down to it, and frankly I felt bad sending the elderly volunteers who were visibly handicapped down there to park. No one complained as they patiently waited to catch a shuttle ride back up.

Things changed when we ran out of VIP spots in THE PAVED AREA. The VIP's got sent to THE GRASSY LOT (the same one that the handicap spots were in) with assurances that a shuttle would be waiting for them as they parked. That's when the complaints started! The VIP's were not happy campers. Now I know that without the VIP's there would not be an event, nor a need to use the help of sweet older volunteers. It is sort of sad when people who make a nice living out of the strength and coordination of their bodies complain that they had to park too far, and folks who cannot navigate without the use of a walker get put in the same area and smile because they are just happy to be there helping out.

I came to the conclusion that we are ALL VIP's especially the ones in life who go about their business with a heart full of gratitude no matter what parking lot they get put in.

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