Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Looking for a Rental....

We are looking for a new place to live. We have to rent. We are clean, (almost too much so), hardworking, pay the rent on time, improve the rental tenants. We also have one dog and one cat, who are generally more respectful of property than most humans. And yet, why is it next to impossible to find a place? Oh, there are a kazillion rentals out there, most do not allow any type of four legged creature at all, AND if they do, be prepared to pay boo-koo extra. Now we do not mind this, and understand that there are many unrespectful humans and animals out there and that these extra fees help the landlord protect his property. What about protection for the people who are paying your mortgage? That's right, your TENANTS.
It is shocking to see a picture, (become optimistic even) read the advertisement, and then actually go and see the property. Rentals ask for $1000 down/ $400 cleaning fee and yet leave the person paying all of the fees drawers full of old food, appliances not cleaned, or screens coming off of doors and windows. One place advertised a seperate garage...and neglected to mention that most of the roof had caved in.
Seriously, if I was in "the dating mode" I would be VERY scared to meet someone on line if they represented themselves as "honestly" as people who advertise their rentals do. More times than not, the pictures of the places are old perhaps taken before time had taken it's toll on it, or enhanced by a digital guru.
The search will continue.
SOMEWHERE there has got to be a place to call home where doors work, has decent sized rooms, neighbors who are not crazy (crazy in a good way, not scary crazy) a yard for our dog to sniff around in peace and windows for our cat to watch birds from. That's not too much to ask is it? Oh and perhaps hardwood floors. We will pay our rent on time, keep it clean, practice our music at respectful times and even plant flowers in the yard.

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