Saturday, May 30, 2009


It's time for a bit of a rant...maybe I have said this before but it is REALLY DIFFICULT to be a spiritual warrior when a person is SURROUNDED by greedy, insensitive HUMANS!
Not all humans that I encounter fall into the aforementioned category. This rant is not about them.
I believe I blogged about my love of sampling. I just returned from a visit to one of my favorite "natural" stores and as usual they had some good samples out! Delicious pears, gelato, they even had little pieces of imported English white cheddar cheese. There were FIVE little chunks just sitting there, tempting us shoppers. I was politely waiting to try one of the little buggers and the lady in front of me somehow managed to SWOOP UP ALL FIVE OF THEM!! She carefully put them in the palm of her hand, not making eye contact with those of us waiting to try one. May BAD CHEESE KARMA follow her! (I know, I know that is NOT the way of a spiritually enlightened person...but she took FIVE FRIGGIN PIECES!!!
While I am ranting I will bring up my latest dealings with Craigslist. Firstly, I LOVE Craigslist! I consider myself a practically professional Craigslister.
To make a long story very short, I bought a screen door, we painted it, went to hang it up and realized I totally blew it and got the wrong size! We are out like $65 so I figure I might as well try and recoup as much as possible by trying to sell the new door on Craigslist. I am offering a's new, it's painted and I am asking $45. A seemingly nice man in a very nice newer SUV came and bought it...OOPS he is short $ that O.K.? I say...well alright...frankly I was happy to sell it. He did not seem like the type of joe who would purposely not bring enough $. However LATER he calls to ask what type of paint we used on the door. Trying to be a generous nice human AND wanting to give him the opportunity to actually pay my asking price for the door, (since he said he "accidently" did not bring the full amount) I tell him I will GIVE him the rest of the quart of paint, that was bought and used only on the door ($13). He said that would be awesome and he would throw in a couple of dollars for it when he came back to get the paint. I was hoping he would pay the other $5 that he skimped out on, and perhaps $2 more???
He handed my boyfriend a little wad of dollars.
Total $4.
It's just my opinion but I think he was being a bit of a schomoe! May nickle-dime karma follow him!!!
Again that isn't too spiritual of me is it?
I am working on it.
You know, being a decent HumanBean.
We did get a really nice rowing machine today off of Craigslist. It was worth the total amount they were asking, which yes, we did bring along.

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