Wednesday, May 06, 2009

One Determined Duck

While driving the other day I had a very emotional experience.
I was in a hurry, trying to do one last errand before getting on the freeway to make it to the other side of town. Nothing unusual...and by the amount of vehicles on the road, the expressions of the drivers and the honking going on, there were many others like me with the same agenda.
I had just gotten off a four lane off-ramp, was waiting to merge onto a six lane street when I saw her.
One mama duck with six or so little ones attempting to cross the same six lane street.
I had a stop light and could see her as she scuttled, then stopped, scuttled, then stopped with her ducklings gathering near or underneath her each time she paused.
The other traffic, on my three lanes of the six lane street, was not supposed to stop and I watched with my four way flashers going as she somehow made it to the middle of the street safely.
I was going to jump out to frantically wave to make people stop, but there was no time.
She was one determined duck.
My light turned green, and I had to turn all the while holding my breath, saying whatever prayers I could to my angels, to duck angels and mama angels to help her make it across the next three lanes.
After I had run my errand I was afraid to look to see if I would see little feathers on the street.
Keep in mind this all happened at an off- ramp off of Interstate Five and at one of the busiest intersections I usually encounter AND at afternoon rush hour!
While I was looking for feathers (and very grateful to not see any evidence) I could not fatham WHY the duck HAD to take her little ones across that street to what appeared to be the Interstate??!
Only after using the on-ramp was I able to see a beautiful pond that looked like it was a "duck sanctuary" that was underneath the freeway.
So I learned a few things that day. Or at least remembered a few things.
Firstly...IF you are in traffic, driving and someone is not going when you THINK they should be going. Forget the Angry Horn!!
They could have car trouble, be having a seizure, saying a prayer or WAITING FOR A MAMA DUCK TO CROSS THE STREET WITH HER BABIES!!!
Secondly...She knew what she needed to do. Granted it appeared to be a very crazy idea, and the timing could of been better, however she needed to get her babies to the water and flying was not an option for them yet.
We all KNOW what we need to do in our own lives, and there is no guarantee that what we need to do will be easy.
I will forever remember the image of that mama duck doing what she needed to do regardless of the obstacles that appeared in her way.
She was one determined duck.

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