Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Goose-Boss

The Goose-Boss
That's right, he (or possibly it's a she?) is the "boss" of the little pond that is adjacent to a Starbucks near my home.
I do not know why I assume he is a he, it's just that he "acts" like a he.  I guess that sounds sexist, so I best explain how I came up when the assumption of the goose's gender.
This pond has several different species of ducks and Starbucks has thoughtfully provided a table to sit and sip in this natural sanctuary.  Of course when you decide to visit the pond the ducks all assume that you will be providing some sort of treat for them to consume.  That might be what your intention is, however, BEFORE any of the ducks are allowed to approach you, The Goose-Boss must check you out first.
This can be a bit disquieting.  Which is just the way The Goose-Boss wants you to be.
He has teeth you know.  And he can run and chase you.
The Goose-Boss just wants to make sure that you only have honorable intentions towards his "flock".  I am not sure what he calls them (the ducks that live there) since he is the only goose at the pond.
Why is it, that I assume that it has to be a male that is so protective of all the waterfowl at the pond?  Females are known for being protective, however, usually that protective instinct is reserved for their own offspring.
This goose acts like he OWNS the pond (and it's inhabitants) and has rightfully taken his somewhat aggressive place of leadership and control.
No duck will be fed unless you have been pre-approved by the Goose-Boss.  He takes his job seriously and is quite good at it really.
Isn't it grand that he has figured out what he needs to be doing in life and is doing it with such honking gusto!

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Hema P. said...

That is just funny, Laura! There's the theme for your next picture book! :)