Wednesday, September 05, 2012

SIX Months

So. I finally started poking around my blog site to check things out...and the realization that it had been SIX MONTHS since I had posted anything took be quite aback.  Oops~hang on~I need to verify if aback is actually a real word and not just a "Laura word". 
It is! (by the way I just LOVE my Chambers Dictionary...The Authority on English Today).  
aback /adv backwards: said of sails pressed backward against a mast by the wind (naut) OR taken aback is to be "taken by surprise"  (that would be me)
So what I have I been up to these past few? months....mmmm
I have managed to get a job/lose that job/get another job/and start back up with a seasonal job. 
Oh and add in some serious depression on top of all that. 
It is getting better though.  I am actually sitting at a keyboard and attempting to assemble my rambling thoughts into coherent sentences!  AND I have dug out my rough draft of Meet the Mirlitons (my Middle Grade Chapter Book) and plan on re-writing it chapter by chapter.
I have TWO ready to submit picture books that are not going anywhere unless I start the querying process again.  PLUS numerous way cool/way fun picture book ideas that I had started way back when...
I also have another blog, that has only gotten as far as a title that I would love to get started on.
It is not lack of ideas, or how to go about doing them that stops me in my tracks.
It's just me.
All by myself.  With so much negative chatter going on in my head, creativeness just doesn't stand much of a chance to bloom.
Chores.  Now THOSE I can do.  Or favors for others.  But writing..well that's another story.  :)
Putting myself and what is important to me is usually the last thing (if ever) that receives my attention.
So here I go.  I truly do not want this year to end with no work submitted and The Mirlitons being totally ignored. 
FOUR MONTHS is what I have left of 2012.
I guess I better get busy.  :)


Hema P. said...

I always believe acknowledgement of shirked duties (in this case duty to yourself) is the first step to remedying the situation. Go Laura! Hope you've drafted the query letters for your picture book and polished a few chapters of Meet The Mirlitons.

P.S: I love it when I think that my brain has made up a nonexistent word only to find out that actually it has dredged up a word I've read somewhere awhile ago! :)

miss mooty said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence!