Monday, October 15, 2012

IT Has Arrived.

IT being the first rain of the Autumn season!  This simple act of nature marks the official reminder that it will not be too long before I will actually miss my daily battles with the hose.
So, today I am re-joicing!  Welcoming the changing of the season with an open heart and thoughts of all the time I will spend INSIDE next to this keyboard looking OUT at the Seedy Cafe instead of actually mucking around with the weeding, the mowing, and all that STUFF.
Hey, I just had to water the day before yesterday so this is a whole new ballgame.  Receiving a little bit of help with the chores from Mother Nature rocks in my book.  Especially since it just happens. I have to be one of the worlds worst "ask for any kind of help" type of person.  
Ask me how I will feel about the rain in ten days, (it's looking like daily precipitation for at least that), or after I have wiped the muddy paw prints off of the floor from Kona our dog for the kazillioned time or worse, not catching her early enough thusly allowing her to shake the mud-rain all over the white kitchen cabinets.

Today is Today and I REFUSE to go there in thought.  I am choosing instead to celebrate the changing of the season and all that that means!
Like...hanging up ghosts on my front door.
Or visiting a pumpkin patch.
Sipping hot spiced apple cider (with whip cream on top)
Watching leaves as they scuttle across the road riding a wild burst of wind.
Enjoying the Spiced Chestnut scent of a candle burning.
Adopting a non-procrastinating approach to my writing.

My excuses for being "too busy" run mighty thin as the changing of the seasons requires less presence from me outside.  There is only so many chores a person can come up with when the trees and the plants all go into hibernation mode.   
I also have that "how do I want to wind up the year" mentality running through my brain.
So, today I am re-joicing!
I will gratefully approach this season of Thanks-Giving by lighting my delightfully scented candles, turning on the furnace if need be and allowing myself the time to creatively dance with the written word.


Kelly Polark said...

Lovely post!
I enjoy the routine of fall and the gorgeous colors of fall.
I'm pretty productive in writing from mid September to mid November. Then it drops til the new year!
Enjoy! Love the photos!

Ella said...

Keep dancing!
I do find this time of year invites
creativity in everything~

miss mooty said...

Thank you Kelly and Ella for the kind and inspirational comments!