Sunday, November 04, 2012

Halloween and all that Jazz.....

See what I mean?

I'm not sure where I am going with this blog entry. Since we just wrapped up Halloween 2012 it seems to be a logical subject to Muse about.
I am fascinated with holidays and the sometimes way cool, often times very commercialized American ways that they are interpreted. I usually check out Wikipedia to get an overview of a holiday:
and then proceed on to embrace the craziness that envelops it.

For example, my girlfriend Sally felt like be-heading herself after deciding to tackle hand made costumes for her lovely family centering around the character of Alice in Wonderland.  (she was the Queen of Hearts)
Good times... NOT.
Cool Cats

This year in keeping with the festivities, but not wanting to go crazy with too much work or expense, but also wanting to be way cool, I talked my partner in crime Nate to go Bohemian and be a Beatnik with me!  Now this required a tad bit of research on my part, which luckily is easily accomplished when one Google searches.
Check out this old Bullwinkle (from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Cartoon Show) as he shares his expertise on what it takes to be a Beatnik.
Lucky for us we had most of what it takes to be a Beatnik down to a science with our Portland, Oregon lifestyle.
Especially the hanging out in coffee shops.
I even purchased a Bongo Drum to recite poetry to a rhythmic bongo beat.  Good thing us cool cats don't care if our audience likes our presentation (or even if we have an audience)!  The Bongo is now upstairs in the music maker box, waiting for one of the grand-munchkins to beat on it to their little Beatnik hearts content.
I hope everyone en-JOY-ed a safe Halloween.  Our evening stayed dry (for the most part) for the neighborhood little trick or treaters and it added to my most thankful heart that the NW has been blessed so far with mild weather.

 **In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and with the upcoming colder/wetter/wilder weather, I urge all to share their blessings in any way they are able to with whomever you can.  Sharing your candlebright blessings (whatever they may be) is a sure way to light up someone else's life.


Hema P. said...

I love it that you embraced the spirit of the holiday by doing research (one of the sharpest tools in a writer's toolbox) and enjoying putting the costumes together!

miss mooty said...

Thank you Hema for the kind thoughts! I hope your Autumn Season is filling up with magical moments.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Wonderful post! I usually am all excited for all the big holidays, but I'm struggling with it this year. I did cook a lot for Thanksgiving, but I usually have the tree up by now...but I'm just not ready this year. UGH!