Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I have always been fascinated with airports. It never ceases to amaze me how a person can be in one place...and then ZOOM in another place. The only thing cooler than traveling via airplane would be traveling via the TARDIS! (for you non-Whovians out there the TARDIS is the time traveling "box" that The Doctor uses to... yeah you got it~time travel!)

Alas, I am NOT here at the airport to travel this time. I am merely the chauffeur. Dropping off/waiting/then picking up. I volunteered since I actually love to people watch, especially at airports. The stories that each traveler (or chauffeur) carries within themselves is fascinating (or at least I imagine it to be so). I am currently reading a YA series by Shane Peacock on the boy version of "Sherlock Holmes". Needless to say my musings run wildly rampant as I ponder the stories of the people that I watch. Oh and when I am not musing about other people's adventures I am visualizing a future travel adventure for Nate & I. I keep my toiletry bag ready and filled (that word "toiletry" just doesn't sound right however I will use it anyway) just in case an adventure calls to me on short notice!

I believe that travel is one of the best ways to learn about our world and experience the diversity, and also the sameness of it's inhabitants. Ask Rick Steves and he will concur I am sure. (by the way he is our hero, living "La Dolce Vida" with his work!) Even when traveling within these United States a traveler will find a diversity and a bond that unites us all. **An important thing to remember when we gather together to cheer on our favorite team or support/talk about our political views. We ARE all very diverse and yet all very similar.

Looks like the musing session is over. Time to greet the traveler who was just 2 hours earlier thousands of miles away saying farewell to a beautiful desert winter rain. It's also raining here in the Northwest.
Different yet similar.

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