Friday, January 24, 2014


I'm actually a bit nervous about the whole adventure (which is typically NOT me when it comes to doing new things) Will it go fast enough on the Interstate? Will I be blown across the lanes when a semi 18 wheeler zooms by?? The what-ifs and will-i's are getting to me this early morning. As part of our downsizing-get out of debt-simplfy "plan" we sold our one and only vehicle. Granted it was a money pit and the lucky guy who bought it (and subsequently paid off our auto loan) got a heck of a better car than the one we bought two years ago! Our studio is located in an area with a "walkscore" of 92! So that's exactly what we have been doing. Walking, riding the streetcar, the max (no busses so far). It's been great so far however today I have a doctor appointment that to ride a BUS (maybe 5 miles??) would take 86 minutes!!

Enter the Car2Go. We signed up and I will make my debut run with it this morning (hence the apprehension) My daughter will help out by picking me up at a designated car drop off spot. Sure hope I get that (where to leave it) part right! Ah-the anxiety of it all! At the very least it should be a blast to drive the little go-cart car (official name is Smart Car) And I am going to see my psychiatrist so if I-5 stresses me out too much she will at least be a calming factor in this little excursion.

Piece of cake.





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