Sunday, February 09, 2014

Snowy Sound of Silence

It's snowing, here in Portland, and it's beautiful. The poor little plant buds that started popping up a couple of weeks ago did not think this would happen (actually those of us who call Portland home did not think so either!) Snow is a rare and wonderful gift...especially if you are able to walk in it, manage to stay warm and dry and thoroughly enjoy the quiet that only a fresh blanket of snow can create.
If you are one of the many who weather the winter season in snow country you possibly may have lost the enchantment of experiencing new snow. For those of us who it only visits every other year or so, it is truly magical. I especially like the snow days that accompany a heavier snowfall. Businesses and schools close, people on cross country skis or children being pulled in their little plastic bucket cones replace the usual cars on the roadways. And dogs go nuts trying to bark at and eat snow at the same time. All of the crazy, busy schedules that everyone is on come to a standstill (or at least a major slowdown) when winter weather plays her hand.
I love it.
Snow covers up the ugliness that happens to our planet when people do not take the time to care for it, blanketing it with crystal white beautifully sculputred mounds. And until it melts, the landscape and our souls are transformed by its pure beauty.
It's snowing, here in Portland, and it's beautiful.

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