Thursday, January 15, 2009


You KNOW you are in a committed relationship when you let your partner share the bathroom with you.
It's easy to share the bedroom (well for most), the living room, easybeezy, the kitchen has it's fair share of "I do it this way moments", however the bathroom, now THAT'S another story.
It's funny how when a relationship is new a person spends much of their time attempting to pretend that they are not 100% human...example: burping, passing "gas", snotty sneezing and doing other slightly gross but very necessary body functions. Unlike the animal kingdom, we DISGUISE the way we look and smell until we can be sure that the person we are trying to impress is hooked.
And then it happens. You let a little "toot" and own up to it, maybe turn red, or giggle it off, however the main point is that you actually let it out instead of knotting up your insides trying to hold it in. That's the first step, and I believe a truly big one. At this point you know that the relationship is progressing to the point of telling your significant other that they have food in their teeth, a bugger in their nose, or that they have a bad case of halitosis. O.K. maybe that will take a bit more time.
So you are sharing living quarters and starting to relax. Except in the bathroom. Some couples never actually get to the point of sharing the bathroom, and that's o.k.
I'm not talking about figuring out who gets what shelf in the medicine cabinet, or even the save water shower with a friend concept. You know where this is going. That's right, the ability to actually be able to use the toilet WHILE your partner is in the shower or busy doing make up. This is HUGE.
So in pondering the benefits of living in a very small 700 sq ft, one bathroom, one closet apartment I have come to the conclusion that it will either make or break a relationship. Time tells all and as the expression goes, you can run but you cannot hide.... Who needs a diamond ring to "tell her how much you care". If your partner has endured all of the above and more and STILL thinks you are beautiful/handsome/awesome...

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