Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I remember when it all started for me.  My parents would purchase a 3 lb can of MJB Coffee and I would literally beg to be allowed to open the can.
Since I was in first grade at the time, learning to operate the electric can opener AND holding the awkwardly large 3 lb can was kind of tough to be sure...however when there is a will there is a way and I overcame all obstacles in the opening operation.
 As soon as the compressed air would escape...the most amazingly wonderful smell in the world would drift out of the can in one quick poof.
I was hooked.
Little did my parents realize that they had unknowingly set me up with a life long addiction to the bean.
Not only did I relish the smell of the 1,200 chemical components that escaped into the air when I opened the can of coffee, I also acquired a taste for the dark beverage in my glass of milk.
That's correct my glass of milk. Doctored up with the sweet nectar of the bean.
I might have been one of the few first graders skipping rope or playing hop scotch all caffeined up at six years old!  That might of been a contributing factor as to why I was so fast at those activities.
My love of the beverage has not diminished over time either.
8 ounces of bliss

If munchkin # 3 is asked where his favorite place to go with Gampa and Nana is...he answers, without a moments hesitation, "Barista".  It makes my heart smile knowing that I am on the right path to the proper mentoring of said grandchild.  He enjoys a "steamer" (warm, frothy milk with either honey or a bit of vanilla) while we savor our espressos.  
Enjoying a cuppa in Florence!!!
I could go on (and on and on) to share many more "coffee moments"  but suffice to say it is an integral part of my life.  I might not recall my first kiss but I surely do remember my first mocha!
It was in Anchorage, Alaska.
I was alone.
It was in a coffeehouse with people reading newspapers and just hanging out.
If you have ever tried the cans of "flavored"coffees (the ones with the fancy/descriptive/hoity toity names) they are not in the same league.
All of this musing about coffee and cocoa is calling me away from the computer reminding me that it is time for a break for coffee!
Do you have any special coffee "rituals" that make your day?

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