Sunday, February 23, 2014


One might wonder what being Sherlocked entails. To be quite honest, I'm not totally sure, one thing I do know is that it involves me saying things like "the game is on!" or looking for clues in every situation I encounter. After Season Two wrapped up I felt an emptyness in my mystery musings. A trip to the public library produced an antidote to those feelings of loss. When I read, usually mysteries work their way to the bottom of my list for holding my interest. And yet, due to my recent introduction to the mystery genre, I soon found myself reading a YA (young adult) series called The Boy Sherlock Holmes by Shane Peacock. Not only was I reading the mystery series but enjoying them as well! I was, to say the least, pleasantly surprised. Six books later I felt that I had a fairly good grasp as to what made this intriguing character tick when he was a young lad roaming the streets of London. 

It, (the state of mind of being Sherlockedstarted innocently enough when I first started watching the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes several years ago. Each season consists of three episodes (which are actually just like mini-movies). The Sherlocked hook was set. 
Season Three (the most recent Sherlock presentation from the BBC) was a wild ride of excitement and as always, did not disappoint. As luck had it, Omsi (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) complemented the season with an excellent International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes!
I realized after visiting the exhibit that I was sorely wanting in my knowledge of the man they call Sherlock Holmes. The exhibition was well done, interesting and worth the visit. What would of turned it into one of the most AMAZING exhibitions that I had EVER had the joy of visiting, is if I had read Sir Arthur Conan Doyles stories FIRST, and not relied on my televison only knowledge. Hence began my quest to read Sherlock Holmes the Complete Collection to help me through the end of Season Three. As I read and savor this collection, my ever-evolving condition of being Sherlocked flourishes with each page.

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