Thursday, February 26, 2015

My stories. My words.

I have to admit that the title of this series of blogs that I am about to embark on does not sound too interesting. (each blog pertaining to this project will be labeled with #mystoriesmywords)
And that may well turn out to be a truth.
However, grand-munchkin #3 presented me (or rather his mother did) with a little book to fill in titled "Grandma. Her stories. Her words."

When I began to fill it in I thought it would be easy-beezy and that I could just zoom through the book and be done with it.
That was not the case.
The first query seemed easy enough, however after thumbing through the questions I found that they took a turn from simple to complicated.  A discussion (and several examples of the questions) with grand-munchkin #1 found us agreeing that:
Firstly, #3 as well as the other grand-munchkins, would not be ready (and may never be) for some of their Nana's not quite "Brady Bunch or Leave it to Beaver" answers. We decided that other than shelving the project I would answer the questions via my Miss Mooty's Musings blog allowing me to answer as candidly as I could. With that plan in place the younger ones could discover a bit about their Nana when they were ready to.

That being said, I should say that I will dive right in...but in my case it is going to be more like a "hold my nose" and make a cannonball splash.

I hope to not get them too wet in the process.


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