Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nitty Gritty Details

My Full Name: Laura McNeeley (my parents could not figure out a middle name for me although they gave each of my brothers one) I have also had the last names Wandersee and Amundson, which I inherited from not one but TWO ex-husbands.

Date Of Birth: May 9,1956 (sometimes my birthday falls on Mother's Day which totally robs me of one of my #youhavetobenicetome days.

Place Of Birth: Covina, California (that is more in the southern smoggy area of the state)

My Mother's Full Name: Amelia Monje (no middle name either!)

Date of Her Birth: September 2 ? (will need to check on that)

Place of Her Birth: Mata Ortiz, Mexico (in the state of Chiuahua)

My Father's Full Name: Lyman Dennis McNeeley

Date of His Birth: February 14 ? (same thing will need to check on it)

Place of His Birth: Some place in Indiana

Whew that didn't seem too bad. :) It's funny (and sort of sad) that I did not know a couple of the details like birth year and place of the two people that popped me into the world. 

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