Friday, April 19, 2013

The Seedy Cafe

The golden warmth of the sun warms the pair of Mourning Doves as they sit on their perch in the Seedy Cafe.  Life is good. (at least for the moment) Just as it can happen in our lives, circumstances can change suddenly if "Cooper" (a coopers hawk that also frequents the cafe) decides to make a swooping visit.  For the moment though it appears that they are enjoying each others company, as well as the other visitors to the cafe. The doves tranquility are a reminder that I must try to live in the moment and not in fear of what could be.  That is easier said than done for us humans who hear news constantly of all that is not right in the world.

Watching the squirrels play, or a hummingbird sipping nectar helps me to focus on what is instead of what might be.
After all this moment, this precious moment is all that we have any say-so on how we want it to be.

*zooming prayers to all affected either directly or indirectly to Boston, Massachusets as well as West, Texas.  May golden light surround and comfort you.

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